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Churches and other houses of worship of Rockland County, NY, past and present

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Church records, especially Baptism, Marriage and Death records are important sources of genealogical information. The first repository of church records is the local church. In the days of circuit-riding preachers, the ministers kept the records of all their churches and carried them with them (these are often the most difficult to locate, and many may be permanently lost). Many sects do not attempt to collect records in any centralized repository. When a church is closed, records may be transferred to a successor congregation, or sent to the regional church organization (conference, parish, diocese, etc.). Some church groups maintain national archives, but these may not contain vital records. As additional information is gathered, updates to these pages will be posted. We will attempt to determine the locations of appropriate archives for local churches and will list their locations and WebSites. Information on some churches which were just outside the borders of Rockland County will be included since county residents may have been members of these churches when they were the closest church of that denomination.

Compiled by Robert L. Protzmann from the 1998-99 Bell Atlantic Telephone Book - Yellow Pages (current addresses) and other historical sources (see references). Churches shown in ITALICS are no longer active congregations (not listed in current telephone book). Churches are listed by sect, and secondly arranged alphabetically by town or village. Note that a number of Protestant sects are divided into a number separate conventions (especially Baptists). For purposes of simplicity, they are all listed together. Any additions or corrections should be sent to Robert Protzmann <>


Current Addresses

History and Predecessors


African Methodist Episcopal Zion

St Thomas AME Zion Church
54 West Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927


1846, organized, first services, Division Street, shared pastor with Nyack.

1906, built new church after the landslide, on West Street.

St John AME Zion Church
5 Mueller Avenue
Highland Falls, NY


St. Phillips AME Zion Church
14 North Mill Street
Nyack, NY 10960


1860, church built on Burd Street. (18).
AME Church at Skunk Hollow "The Swamp Church"

1865, Carteret Avenue (Central, or Piermont, or Rt 340)

1897, new church and parsonage. (4), (H33).

Now, St Charles A. M. E. Zion Church.

"The Mountain Church" (AME), NJ

ca. 1860 (4)

St Charles AME Zion Church
127 Valentine Avenue
Sparkill, NY 10976


1856, William Thompson, a AME preacher, who had purchased Jack Ernest’s land deeded it to the AMEZ Church, at Harrington, NJ. 1865, Church sponsored by Mrs. Charles Kingsley Taylor. Congregation had moved from NJ to Sparkill area.

1897, re-built.

1910, merged with Methodist-Episcopal Church of Colored People.

1992, new addition. (H29), (H33).

St Paul’s AME Zion Church
121 West Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977





Assemblies of God

Faith Assembly of God Church
921 Chestnut Ridge Road
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977


Assembly of God
Pearl River, NY
1953, began services in a house.

1954, Pearl River American Legion Hall.

1963, built church in Spring Valley.

Victory Assembly Church
2 Ridge Road
Thiells, NY 10984






Calvary Baptist Church
Haverstraw (?), NY
first services held in homes, then in the basement of the Central Presbyterian Church.

1912, When the Presbyterians moved to Hudson Avenue, the Baptists bought the church on Clinton Street. (10).

The Fairmont Baptist Church
Haverstraw, NY
1906, began as a mission in the home of Peter Rogers, 10 Partition Street, Village of Haverstraw. Services held, Waldron Opera House.

1915, moved to former St. Luke’s Church on Rockland Avenue.

1973, New church, Division Street, partially destroyed by fire during construction, re-built.

Independent Baptist Church
Middletown, NY
Org. Oct 1798 (see below).

1805, built first church.

Seceders built a new Baptist Church on Middletown Road at (now) Gilbert Avenue.

1868, the old church was bought by the Methodists (q.v.), who used it until 1894. Just west of this site is the old Baptist Cemetery.

Grace Conservative Baptist Church
20 Demarest Avenue
Nanuet, NY 10954


First Baptist services, ca. 1782.

1798, Baptist Church in Rockland County.

became The Rockland Baptist Church

1802 became Middletown Baptist Church.

ca. 1805, built first church, Middletown Road, at Gilbert Avenue (Pearl River). Oldest Baptist cemetery in Co, nearby.

1803, branch in Haverstraw.

1808, branch in Masonicus (now Hempstead), separated 1811.

Branches at Piermont (1839), Spring Valley (1867), and Nyack (1857); Viola (1811).

1817, new church building, half mile south of original church (cemetery next door).

1820, new church, half mile S of old church.

1858, congregation split, half moving to Nanuet (Nanuet Baptist Church). Other half went south, to form the Middletown Baptist Church, on the NE corner of South Middletown Road and Gilbert Avenue. Land donated by James J. Blauvelt. Ceased a few years later, (ca. 1870), leaving no records. Building became a private house.

Grace Conservative Baptist Church Est 1860 (first located in Nanuet (1859), est as Nanuet Baptist Church).

Church left the Northern Baptist Convention in 1947 to join the Conservative Baptist Association of America, resulting in it’s present name.

1996, Grace Baptist Church. (2), (3), (11), (18) (R28).

International Christian Fellowship - Filipino American Church

20 Demarest Avenue
Nanuet, NY 10954


Services held in Grace Baptist Church

Independent Baptist Church

Rockland Baptist Church, SBC
20 Route 45
New City, NY 10956


Originally met at the West Pomona Community Center. (17).
Pilgrim Baptist Church
80 North Franklin Street
Nyack, NY 10960


African-American congregation
The First Baptist Church
85 Marion Street
Nyack, NY 10960


1806, occasional preaching at Nyack by Elder Steers.

When Peter DePew gave ground for a church to the Presbyterians, he stipulated that they share it with the Baptists.

1838, a room was rented for services, then private houses.

Rented space in new Union Hall

Org, 1854, as First Baptist Church of Nyack.

1857, church built and dedicated.1881, church enlarged.

Defunct ca. 1998

Catherine Dodge has church records

Historical Society of Rockland Co

American Baptist Convention

First Baptist Church of Piermont 1782, first Baptist meetings, Snedens Landing.

1808, Rockland Baptist Church was organized.

1817, meetings in schoolhouse, pastor from Middletown (Nanuet) Baptist Church

1819, church dedicated, as Salem Baptist Meeting House, site of present Piermont Village Hall.

1839, Independent, as First Baptist Church of Piermont.

1866, church re-built and enlarged. (18), (H33).

Macedonia Baptist Church
419 Piermont Avenue
Piermont, NY 10968


1924, Baptist Mission formed in private home.

Odd Fellows Hall converted into church.

1976, new church, corner of Piermont and Paradise Avenues. (H33).

Spring Valley Baptist Church ???
80 North Madison
Spring Valley, NY 10977


First Baptist Church
3 Hoyt Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Spring Valley Baptist Church

1867, Old Dutch Church Meeting House of the Reformed Church of Spring Valley was purchased as an outpost church of the Nanuet Baptist Church.

1870 formed by members who left Nanuet Church, as a separate church.

1875, last sermon and church was sold. (1), (2), (18).

The present church is a new organization.

Grace Church of Suffern
506 Haverstraw Road
Suffern, NY 10901



Suffern Baptist Church

Viola Baptist Church Baptist (Old School) Church

corner of crossroads, Tallman to Sherwoodville and New City Road.

Viola, NY

Est. 1815, church built about that time.

1823, permanent minister.

1853, church burned.

1853, liberal-conservative split in congregation.

1853, new church, N side of New City Road, half mile nearer Suffern, known as Liberal Baptist Church of Viola.

1857, church built on site of burned church, called "Old School" Baptist Church of Viola. Both ceased ca. 1890. (18).


Baptist Independent Fundamentalist Churches

Rockland Bible Baptist Churches
73 Suffern Lane
Thiells, NY 10984




Bible Churches

Community Bible Church
470 Mountainview Avenue
Valley Cottage, NY 10989


Tallman Bible Church
Route 59
Tallman, NY 10982




Christian Churches

Church of Christ
53 Hillside Avenue
West Haverstraw, NY 10993


Church of Christ
Pearl River, NY
1958 formed by group from Shanks Village.

Rented space at Lederle Union Hall.

1959, disbanded.

Some members transferred to Fairlawn, NJ church


Christian and Missionary Alliance

Neighborhood Alliance Church
253 Ehrhardt Road
Pearl River, NY 10965


1955, began as branch of Simpson Memorial Church, Nyack.

First services, Lederle Union Hall.

1959, church built.

New City Alliance Church
190 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956


Siloam Alliance Church
Nanuet, NY
Uses sanctuary of Grace Baptist Church, Nanuet, NY.

Korean congregation.

Simpson Memorial Church
150 Piermont Avenue
South Nyack, NY 10960


Tappan Alliance Church
31 Main Street
Tappan, NY 10983


1961, full services.

1963, officially org by Christian and Missionary Alliance. (5)

Elim Alliance Church
40 Lake Road
Valley Cottage, NY 10989




Christian Science

First Church of Christ Scientist
Spring Valley, NY
1915. services in private homes, then Academy Building.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Christian Science Church

On hill, South Main Street and Central Avenue (Rt 59), Spring Valley

1919, Org.

1924, first services in church.


Church of God

Haitian Church of God
286 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977




Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
442 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956




Eastern Orthodox Churches

Greek Orthodox Community of Rockland County Inc
1 Marycrest Road
West Nyack, (or Pearl River) NY 10994


Saints Constantine and Helen Church of the Archdiocese of NY, Eastern Orthodox Church of North and South America.

1962, first service, Lederle Union Hall.

1967 church completed.

Orthodox Christian Church of the Holy Transfiguration
35 Sickeltown Road
Pearl River, NY 10965


Eastern Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church in America.

Services in English for all orthodox groups.

1968, first services in West Nyack Fire House.

later in Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church, after Temple Beth Am.

Sts Constantine and Helen Church
1 Marycrest Road
West Nyack, NY 10994



Greek Orthodox

Russian Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist
64 Church Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Russian Orthodox Convent
Smith Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Virgin Mary and Saint Pakhomious Coptic Church
Corner Routes 45 and 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977




Episcopal Churches

St Elizabeth’s Chapel
Eagle Valley, NY



Trinity Episcopal Church
28 Chapel Street
Garnerville, NY 10923


Trinity Church (Protestant Episcopal), Haverstraw.

1846, first service in Methodist Church

then edifice of German Lutheran Society, then owned by Protestant Methodists.

after years of languish, first service in "yellow school house", opp West Haverstraw RR station, 1854.

1856, Incorporated and church dedicated.

Oldest P. E. Church in Rockland Co.

Church built on Chapel Street (Garnerville).

1869, congregations at Benson’s corners and Warren village joined. Became St Luke’s Church in the Village of Warren and the Town of Haverstraw. Church building purchased from the Baptist society. Ministers later supplied by Trinity Church, Garnerville. (1)


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


Incorporated 1871, as St Luke’s Church in the Village of Warren, from congregation meeting at Benson’s Corners and Haverstraw.

Owned building bought from Baptists, on Rockland Street.

1930, New church on Gurnee Avenue.

After 1950, merged with Trinity Parish, Garnerville. (18).

St John’s Episcopal Church
365 Strawtown Road
New City, NY 10956


1866, Services first held in courthouse, and society organized. (1)

1867, wooden first church begun, Main Street at Second, New City, on site donated by Charles W. Root.

ca. 1967, new Strawtown Road church. (18).

Grace Episcopal Church
130 First Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960


1859, Services first held Union Hall, Nyack.

1861, regular services, Rutherford’s Academy, church organized.

1862, Chapel completed, on Franklin St, between First and Third Avenues.

1878, First service, new stone church, included old church.

1882, church dedicated. (1), (H4), (18).

St Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Erhardt Road at Pearce Parkway
Pearl River, NY 10965


1880, first meetings.

1887, cornerstone laid, first service.

north side of West Central Avenue, just east of Pearl Street.

Mission church of NY Diocese.

church moved to site on top of hill, East Central Avenue and John Street (now Sitzmark Ski Shop).

1952. Independent Parish.

1958, new church built on Ehrhardt Road, added to, 1966. (3), (11).


The Protestant Episcopal Church at Piermont - Christ Church

Valentine Avenue

Sparkill, NY 10976


(alter is in Piermont, rest of church is in Sparkill)

1847, first service in Dr. Lord’s Lime Kiln building.

1848, organized as Christ Church.

1849, Piermont Episcopal Church, now Christ Church, Sparkill. First Episcopal church organization in Rockland Co. Served Nyack.

1864, stone church built on land presented by Thomas E. Blanch, Valentine Avenue.

1866, church consecrated.

1880’s, church enlarged. (18), (H33).

St. John’s in the Wilderness
St. John, the Evangelist
Sandyfields, NY
Established by the rector of Good Shepherd in Tomkins Cove, who held services in homes in 1869.

Rustic stone church built 1880 on property bought from John Conklin. Contains Tiffany windows. Graveyard next to church.

The village was flooded by Lake Welch.

St Francis Episcopal Church
Sloatsburg, NY

began as a chapel of St. Mary’s, Tuxedo, NY

last 20 years, a mission church of Diocese of NY. Many members transferred to Suffern. (6)

St Paul’s Episcopal Church of Ramapo
26 South Madison Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Est. 1868, services held in a re-fitted Cider Mill on property of A. B. Noyes as "Little Church in the Orchard", 1868, on Nyack Turnpike.

1872, conerstone laid for new church. (1), (18).

The Protestant Episcopal Church at Stony Point - Grace Church
Stony Point
1869, first services held.

1871, services begun at Tomkins Cove.

1877, services held at Caldwell’s Landing.

1881, church begun on site donated by Charles H. Jones, Caldwell’s Landing.

1882, first services in church.

1883, consecrated.

1884, org. as "The House of Prayer". (1), (18).

Christ Episcopal Church of Ramapo
65 Washington Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901


Christ Church (Protestant Episcopal)

Services by minister from Piermont, as early as 1850, services held in private homes, including that of George W. Suffern.

Est. 1860, at Suffern’s home.

1860, church begun, consecrated, 1864. (1), (18).

St John the Divine Episcopal Church
Mott Farm Road
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986


St Mary’s Episcopal Church
Fox Hill Road
Tuxedo Park, NY 10987


All Saints Episcopal Church
81 Bridge Road
Valley Cottage, NY 10989




Evangelical Churches

Chinese Evangelical Church
456 North Middletown Road
Pearl River, NY 10965




Evangelical Free Churches

Park Evangelical Free Church
4 Roosevelt Place
New City, NY 10956




Friends Churches

Quakers Religious Society of Friends
60 Leber Road
Blauvelt, NY 10913


Pomona Society of Friends formed by Quakers from Hempstaed, Long Island.

1792, First meeting

First worship in privates houses around Ladentown.

1809, Preparative meeting

1816, Frame building on Quaker Road, on land given by Benjamin Secor.

1833, members joined Smith’s Cove Preparative meeting

1849, meetings discontinued, but later revived.

After 1935, become private home, now of Francis and Phoebe Senn. (15), (18), (H30).


Full Gospel Churches

Christian Church of Rockland
128 Railroad Avenue
Garnerville, NY 10923


The Assembly of God Full Gospel Church
Haverstraw, NY
first on West Broad Street, Haverstraw

later in St. Luke’s Church on Gurnee Avenue.

1975, cornerstone laid on new church, Rt 45, north of New Hempstead Road. (10).

New City Gospel Fellowship
384 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956


Full Gospel Assembly
55 Union Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977




Jehovah’s Witnesses

Haverstraw Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses
49-51 Broadway
Haverstaw, NY 10927


Spring Valley Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses
21 Fesseler Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Nyack Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses
73 Rose Road
West Nyack NY 10994




Lutheran Churches

German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Haverstraw, NY
1857, first services as German Lutheran Congregation, ministered by pastor of Dutch Evangelical Church of Clarkstown, as German United Congregation.

1861, German United Society

1867, German Lutheran seceded and formed separate group - church on Division Street;

German Evangelical Church worshiped in Protestant Methodist Church.

1875, re-united as German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Synod of Hartwyck. Church on Middle and Third Streets (former church of Methodist separatists(Protestant Methodist Church). Disbanded after WW I. (1), (10), (18).

Nanuet Lutheran Brethren Church
107 North Middletown Road
Nanuet, NY 10954


1963, formed as Norwegian Lutheran Brethren Church.

1964, building completed.

Norwegian Evangelican Lutheran Free Church

1975, became Nanuet Lutheran Brethren Church (2)

St Paul’s Lutheran Church
323 South Main Street
New City, NY 10956



The Seceder Church

Nanuet True Reformed Church

Left the DRC of Clarkstown, 1825.

1826, Church Street and Middletown Road, later Citgo Service Station. Returned to DRC by reconciliation, 1980. (R9).

1826, cemetery opened

Church was bought by St. Pauls Lutheran Church. Building burned in late 1950’s - early 1960’s.

St. Paul’s moved to New City, NY. Cemetery became St. Paul’s Highview Cemetery. (2)

St Thomas’ Lutheran Church
Routes 59 and 303
Central Nyack, NY 10960


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
105 Orangeburgh Road
Old Tappan, NJ


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
North Main and Hunt Avenue
Pearl River, NY 10965


orig used St Stephen’s P.E. church until building built, late 1890’s.

"The First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pearl River, NY".

1903, large wooden church dedicated.

1923, the church was moved a few blocks away and a new church begun on the old site. The old church burned a few yaers later.

1925, new church dedicated. In the 1960s, it was the largest Protestant congrgation in Rockland County. (3), (11).

Ramapo Lutheran Church
Mahwah, NJ


1720, a log church was built, replaced in 1739.

1740-55, organized

known as the "Island Church"

Atonement Lutheran Church
Central Highway
Stony Point, NY 10980


Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Airmont and Church Roads
Suffern, NY 10901



Services first held in homes and barns, by ministers from Mahwah, and Saddle River, NJ.

Est. 1855.

1856, church built, at Masonicus on site donated by Mrs. Margaret Straut. (1), (18).


Nazarene Churches

Church of the Nazarene
103 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977




New Testament Churches

New Testament Church of God
46 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977




Non-Denominational Churches

Community Bible Church
470 Mountainview Avenue
Valley Cottage, NY 10989




Pentecostal Churches

Faith Assembly of God
921 Chestnut Ridge Road
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977


Charismatic Christian Church
89 Hudson Avenue
Haverstraw, NY 10927


New Jerusalem Church
57 Main Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927

845 429-8850

Spanish church

Main Street between Third and Liberty

Hollingsworth Temple Church of God In Christ
187 Main Street
Nyack, NY 10960


Church of God
13 Church Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Church of God of Prophecy
24 North Madison Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Elphim Church of God
30 Karnell Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


El Shaddai Christian Church
921 Chestnut Ridge Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Grace Assembly of God
19 North Madison Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


House of Prayer
100 Bethune Blvd
Spring Valley, NY 10977


Mt Zion Church of God and Christ
70 Ewing Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


New Life Pentecostal Church
33 Church Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


St Johns Deliverence Tabernacle
35 Piermont Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960


Faith Christian Assembly Pentecostal
(Italian Christian Church)

Wayne Avenue, West Haverstraw.



Presbyterian Churches

Greenbush Presbyterian Church
85 Western Highway North
Blauvelt, NY 10913


1812, founded, by members of Blauvelt family who wanted a Dutch church with services in English. When it was denied, they approached the Presbyterians. Earliest services in Greenbush Academy.

1823, built, 1824, church dedicated.

1835, First church destroyed by fire.

1837, Second church dedicated.

1882, church destroyed by fire.

1883, Third church built and dedicated.

1896, bell tower completed. (H9), (18), (R29).

First Presbyterian Church
17 Highway Avenue
Congers, NY 10920


Land donated on Highway Avenue by Boston Improvement Company.

1891, first services. At this time, the original Presbyterian Church was a Methodist Church.

Record books include the Rockland Lake Presbyterian Church (org. 1847) which became the Waldberg Presbyterian Church (in 1861) and closed in 1877. (9), (H11).

Mountville Church
Doodletown, NY
1851, church erected by John Beveridge on his property at Doodletown.

Donated building to residents.

Became Methodist mission congregation. (18).

Central Presbyterian
64 New Main Street Church
Haverstraw, NY



1846, formed by a committee of the Fourth Presbytery of NY.

Used church of the Methodist Protestant Church

1846, built church on Clinton Street on land given by George S. Allison and Rev Edward Hopper; enlarged 1860.

1907, church on Hudson Avenue built on land donated by Clarence Eckerson.

1909 first services.

1960, new manse, on New Main Street. (1), (10), (18).

Hillburn Presbyterian Church
Hillburn, NY
Church closed, 1997. (R3).
Rockland Korean Presbyterian Church
421 East Route 59
Nanuet, NY 10954


Trinity Presbyterian Church, Nanuet

Building still survives in Nanuet (1976). (2)

New Hope Christian Church
57 Main Street (Route 306)
Monsey, NY 10952

Pastor cell: 845-671-1209
aka "The Monsey Church"
aka "Monsey Christian Reformed Church"

Historic Monsey cemetery belongs to this church

1822-24 - Seceded from Dutch Reformed Church of West New Hempstead (The Brick Church) and became known as the True Reformed Dutch Church, meeting in Monsey.
1860s-70s - Church building on Main Street in Monsey is built
ca. 1909 - Church ceases to meet regularly
1920 - Church again meets on Sunday mornings
1952 - Monsey Christian Reformed Church formally organized
1998 - Adopted the name New Hope Christian Church
2007 - Joined the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
New Hempstead Presbyterian Church
(The English Church)
484 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956


Org. < 1754.

1754, bought property of Samuel Coe.

original meeting house (frame building) down, 1827 and replaced by present structure.

Early records probably lost during the American Revolution. (1), (18), (R31).

Germonds Presbyterian Church
39 West Germonds Road
New City, NY 10956


Formed from German Church in Nyack (corner High and Franklin)

1860, Inc. as "Dutch Evangelical Church".

1860, site purchased from Henry Screver.

1869 or 1879, name changed to "German Presbyterian Church".

during WW I, changed to present name. (1), (18).

Onnuree Presbyterian Church
124 South Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960


First Presbyterian Church
Nyack, NY
First Presbyterian Church, org. 1816, meetings in houses.

1816, Land deed by Mr. De Pew.

controlled by Greenbush Presbyterian Church (Rev Andrew Thompson).

1816, sand stone church built.

1835, original brick church on present site.

Presbytery of NY.

1839, church torn down and rebuilt as wooden structure. (1)

1841, re-organized as a separate congregation.

Church enlarged several times.

Broadway and DePew Avenue, Nyack.

Last service, April 29, 1990. (R6), (H5).

Cemetery, W side Jefferson St, near Fifth Avenue. Removed to Oak Hill in 1869. (H5).

Presbyterian Church of the Palisades
236 Old Tappan Road
Old Tappan, NJ



Palisades Presbyterian Church
Washington Spring Road
Palisades, NY 10964



1863, incorporated, first services in old Methodist Church (the steepless church).

1864, first service in new church, designed by Mr. Gilman. (4)

Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church
51 Sickletown Road
Pearl River, NY 10965


1927, used the Universalist Church building (of 1855) on Orangetown and Sickeltown Roads. Church begun with support of the Greenbush Presbyterian Church and it’s pastor

1948 and 1951 additions to building.

1962, moved into new church on Sickeltown Road.

Old church rented to new Temple Beth-Am. 1968, lent to Eastern Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration. (11).

Ramapo Presbyterian Church 1810, Ramapo Works Presbyterian Church

1810-12, Church built by Jeremiah H. Pierson.

1854, after flood destroyed the dam and many mills closed, church was shut down.

1867, re-organized.

operated 3 Sunday Schools, Ramapo, Hillburn, Brook Chapel (for coloreds, in the mountains). Near intersection of Routes 17, 59 and the NYS Thruway.

1890s, new stone church built next to old church. 1893, dedicated, and old church torn down. Original records have not been found. Churchyard on property. (1), (14), (18), (R11).

The Pond Presbyterian Church
Rockland Lake, NY

Rockland Lake Presbyterian Church
Rockland Lake, NY

Waldberg Presbyterian Church
Congers, NY

1847, org., minister from Hempstead Presbyterian Church.

Also the Yellow Church (until 1860) then the Waldberg Presbyterian Church (1861).

1830, formed by a split from the Clarkstown Dutch Church, originally undecided as to whether it should be a Dutch or Presbyterian Church.

1831, church built.

1877, Church mortgage lost, property bought by A. B. Congers’ son and given to the Methodist Church.

Society re-activated as First Presbyterian Church (see above). (H11), (18).

Stony Point Presbyterian Church
125 West Main Street
Stony Point, NY 10980


Org. 1855, formed from the Haverstraw Presbyterian Church (org. 1820).

1844, meeting house built on property given by Richard Brewster, Esq. (1),

1855, Org as North Haverstraw Presbyterian Church,

West of Stony Point school.

Old White Presbyterian Church (wooden). (13).


Suffern Presbyterian Church
81 Washington Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901


First Presbyterian Church of Haverstraw
West Haverstraw, NY
1781, first attempts to form

1789, Formed as English Protestant Society of Haverstraw.

1789, First church (meeting house), on lot on Calico Hill, sold by Thomas Smith, on road to Thiells Corners, "Old church on the hill", until 1847 (Garnerville).

1840, org as First Presbyterian Church

First ministers supplied by English Church of Kakiat. AM Services held at "old church on the hill", PM services held in the Protestant Methodist Society in the Village of Warren (now Haverstraw).

1847, sold to Elisha Peck, who moved it away and turned it into a barn, later destroyed by fire.

1849 new red brick church, near Mineceongo Creek, on Samsondale Avenue, in Samsondale, on a site donated by Elisha Peck. Burned, 1913.

1910, new church dedicated on Stony Point Road. (H10).

1920s, church built on Rt 9W, Haverstraw, later torn down. Now Ford dealer. (1), (10), (18).


Reformed Churches in America

The Brick Church

see Spring Valley

Clarkstown Dutch Reformed Church

see West Nyack

Congers Reformed Church
Congers-Lake Road
Congers, NY
1831, church built.

Church after 1847 was Presbyterian Church of Waldberg, and in 1886 became the Methodist Episcopal Church (now Congers United Methodist Church). (1), (9).

Dutch Reformed Church
Mahwah, NJ


1798, The church was built with the help of the Ramapo Lutheran Church congregation, with which it apparently merged.

1913, church modernized.

True Reformed Church
Monsey, NY
Est. 1824, by members of the Brick Church, including their pastor.

1825, lot given by Judge Sarven, church finished 1827.

1/3/ mile north of Monsey where road from Spring Valley intersects road from Monsey to Mechanicsville. Later a cemetery.

1869, congregation moved to a site in village of Monsey, on lot donated by Samuel D. Haring.

The first building was sold to Mr. Haring who moved it to the village, where it was rebuilt and became the Union Church, later the Congregational Church. (1), (18).

Nanuet True Reformed Church The Seceder Church

Left the DRC of Clarksville (Clarkstown), 1824. Held services in barn and stone house. Church opened 1826.

Church Street and Middletown Road, later Citgo Service Station.

1826, cemetery opened

Church was bought by St. Pauls Lutheran Church. Building burned in late 1950’s - early 1960’s.

St. Paul’s moved to New City, NY. Cemetery became St. Paul’s Highview Cemetery. (1), (2)

Reformed Church of Nyack
18 South Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960


First Reformed (Dutch) Church

1811, attempt to organize at Greenbush by members of Tappan and Clarkstown (New Hempstead) DRC. First services in Presbyterian church, Nyack, 1830, then private homes and in parlor of the Mansion House.

Land given by Peter Smith.

Wooden frame church built.

1836, church dedicated, as branch of Clarkstown church. 1838, org as independent church.

1850, church enlarged.

1870, enlarged again. (1), (15), (18).

Pearl River Reformed Church Org. 1954.

Rented a home at 271 North Middletown Road.

1965, Defunct.

Reformed Church of Piermont
Ferdon Avenue
Piermont, NY 10968


First Reformed Church of Piermont

First Protestant Dutch Church

org 1839, first members from Tappan Church, with help of Eleazor Lord.

ca. 1840, first church on hill below hill station of RR of NJ

1850, new church, on Ferdon Avenue, old church sold to Methodists; 1873, enlarged, and again in 1879. (18)

1944, church burned, replaced by smaller church, 1946, fire in steeple, 1958. (H33)

The Brick Church

Reformed Church of West New Hempstead

(The Kakiat Church)

220 Brick Church Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1774, founded at house of James Christie in Kakiat, as West New Hempstead Dutch Reformed Church (The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of West New Hempstead).

1778 (or 1788), small wooden church and school.

1856, old church replaced.

True Reformed Church of Monsey formed by a split of this congregation. (1), (8), (18).

United Church of Spring Valley
11 East Church Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Spring Valley.

1850, Spring Valley residents of the Brick Church made efforts to have preaching in the village.

1852, church organized.

Land donated by Samuel Lawrence.

1853, Built "The Preaching Place".

building built, supplied by pastor of the Brick Church

1863, building sold to Alfred Tallman and moved to his property.

Sold to Baptist Society. Later known as Van Houten Hall.

1865, new church completed, church separated from Brick Church. (18), (H17).

Union Sunday School
Spring Valley, NY
near the Dutch Factory.

Org. 1830 by the Clarkstown DRC.

Building built, 1852.

Sold, 1864, proceeds to Spring Valley DRC. (1).

Tappan Reformed Church
32 Old Tappan Road
Tappan, NY 10983


org. 1694, first church in Rockland Co, as Low Dutch Christian Church of Tappan. 1716, church built, first settled pastor,

1724, enlarged and re-built, 1784-8.

1835, present brick church. (1), (R32), (R33).

True Reformed Church
Tappan, NY
1826, seceders from Tappan Dutch Reformed Church

Erected frame church

1856, sold building to Methodists, and ceased to exist. (18)

Clarkstown Reformed Church
107 Strawtown Road
West Nyack, NY 10994



Org. 1749 (Clarksville, then Clarkstown), as Low Dutch Christian Reformed Church of New Hempstead, by members of Tappan DRC.

1752, church built, Germonds Road, only church in Clarkstown until 1824.

1825, second (stone) church on Germonds Road

a chapel of the Tappan Church, next to old cemetery.

1830, separated from Tappan Church.

Until 1840, known as First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Hempstead, became First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Clarkstown.

1904, destroyed by fire.

1871, Present church on Strawtown Road. (1), (H12).

The Methodist Church at Nyack, Greenbush Presbyterian Church, the True Reformed Church at Nanuet and the Waldberg Church were formed by members of this congregation. (18), (R30), (R33).

The Dutch Reformed Church of West New Hempstead

see Spring Valley



Roman Catholic Churches

St. Catharine of Alexandria Church
Western Highway
Blauvelt, NY 10913


1853, German Catholics settled in Blauveltville.

1868, 4 acres donated by George M. Lediger; 1869, church dedicated.

1870, first full-time pastor, adjacent land purchased for Dominican school.

1964, church destroyed by fire.

1968, dedication of new church.

1993, church re-furbished.

St. Paul’s Church
82 Lake Road West
Congers, NY 10920


Built on property donated by McGinnis (Boston Improvement Company).

1891, ground broken, first mass in Congers, in a rented building.

1894, first mass. First Catholic Church in Clarkstown.

1899, purchased Post Office building and converted it into a rectory.

1905, established Gethesmane Cemetery.

1967, original church burned and was replaced. (9), (H14).

St. Gregory Barbarigo Rectory
21 Cinder Road
Garnerville, NY 10923
Church of St. Gregory Barbarigo

Garnerville, NY

1961, formed as separate parish, for West Haverstraw.

Church built on West/Burck property.

St. Joseph’s Church
South side of Main Street
Grassy Point, NY.
Closed, Oct 1969
St. Mary’s Church
46 Conklin Avenue
Haverstraw, NY 10927


Parish for Slovak residents.1898,

Land donated by Michael Stecz.

Church and cemetery , followed by parsonage. (1), (10).

St. Peter’s Church
115 Broadway
Haverstraw, NY 10927


1843, first mass celebrated (in a house). first RC church in Rockland County.

1845, 4 lots purchased from George S. Allison, on west side of Ridge Street, church begun.

1847, first mass in new church. Cemetery on south side of church.

1869, new, larger church started.

1877, purchased property on RT 9W for cemetery.

Immaculate Conception Mission, Tomkins Cove, became a separate parish.

St. Joseph’s Church, Grassy Point was built.

St. Michael’s Church became a separate parish.

St. Paul’s, Congers, a mission.

1930, Mission chapel begun in Forrester’s Hall, on Railroad Avenue, Garnerville, became St. Gregory Barbarigo’s.

Comminicant’s in Centenary charged to St. Augustine’s, New City. (9), (10), (18).

Marian Shrine
(National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians)
250 acres, Filors Lane
St. Anthony’s Shrine Church
34 East Route 59A
Nanuet, NY 10954


1899, The Church of Saint Anthony, founded as a mission of St. Paul’s (Congers).

1904 became independent.

First Church built in Bardonia, burned in 1912.

1916, first services in basement of church at Nanuet. (2).

St. Augustine’s Church Rectory
140 Maple Avenue
New City, NY 10956


1901, first services, as a mission church of St. Anthony’s.

First Church, (brick) Congers Road, now County Animal Hospital.

1945, bought Main Street property from Court New City, Forresters of America.

New Church, Main Street. (2)

St. Ann’s Church
16 Jefferson Street
Nyack, NY 10960


Nyack residents first attended Piermont.

Services then in building at Main and Orchard Streets

1869, brick church built, 1870, first mass. (1), (18).

St. Aedan’s Church
23 Reid Drive
Pearl River, NY 10965


1894, St. Agnes Chapel, Main Street.

1901, cornerstone laid for St. Margaret’s (of Antioch), on highest hill on Central Avenue.

1929, wooden church burned to the ground.

1931, cornerstone laid, then first mass held in basement.

Estab as a mission church to St. Margaret’s.

1953, land acquired.

1965, independent parish on Erhardt Road, from portions of St. Margaret’s, St. Anthony’s and St. Catherine’s parishes. 1966, re-named St. Aedan’s. (11), (H2).

St. John’s Catholic Church
895 Piermont Avenue
Piermont, NY 10968


1848, priest from Haverstraw

First mass in "Odd Fellows Hall".

1852, new church opened, opp Dutch Church, West side of Sparkill Creek.

1861, new church opened at north end of the village, on bank of the Hudson, (piermont Avenue), to better serve Nyack.

1962, fire totally destroyed building. 1964, new church built on same site.(1), (18), (H33).

St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
Rockland Lake, NY
St. Michael’s formed originally as an out-mission of Spring Valley, then an annex of St. Peter’s, Haverstraw.

1901, land purchased at Rockland Lake.

Empty church at Nyack was donated, dismantled and re-assembled at Rockland Lake, blessed, 1901.

1908, left St. Paul’s, to become a separate parish, including Gethsemane Cemetery.

1914, church burned.

1915, brick church re-built, completed, 1917.

1927, re-joined St. Paul’s as a mission church. (H14).

St. Joan of Arc Church
32 Eagle Valley Road
Sloatsburg, NY 10974


1923, church built. first mass, 1924. (6)
St. Agnes Church
Spring Valley, NY
Est 1868, by missionary from Piermont.

1880, church completed. (1), (18).

St. Joseph’s Church Rectory
333 Sneden Place West
Spring Valley, NY 10977


St. Peter and Paul Ukranian Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite
41 Collins Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1847, mass said in private homes.

1861, church erected.

Foot of Buckberg Mountain on W side of Buckberg Road (Tomkins Cove). (13), (18).

Sacred Heart Church
125 Lafayette Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901


St. Rose of Lima (RC) Church

Suffern, NY

Est. 1868 (wood-frame church built, on land from George Suffern), by missionary efforts from Piermont. Covered Suffern to Harriman.

1903, Sacred Heart stone church built, with funds from Mrs. Thomas Fortune Ryan. (1), (H1).

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church
120 Kings Highway
Tappan, NY 10983


1928, first mass in a converted barn.

Mission church of St Catherine’s

1957, dedication of present church. (4)

1999, new church being used for services.

St. Therese’s Church
Valley Cottage.
1926, first mass at Valley Cottage.

then mass celebrated in Baptist Chapel on Lake Road, Valley Cottage.

1926, Tobin Property purchased and mass said in a tent.

Barn renovated as a chapel.

Consolidated with St. Paul’s, Congers. (H14).

St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church

5 Willow Tree Road

Wesley Hills, NY 10952


St. Francis of Assisi
128 Parrott Road
West Nyack, NY 10994




Salvation Army

Salvation Army Corps Community Center
179 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977




Seventh Day Adventist Churches

Seventh Day Adventists Greater NY Conference
7 Shelter Rock Road
Manhasset, NY


Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church
5 Broadway
Nyack, NY 10960


1964, bought old synagogue of the Congregation Sons of Israel at South Broadway and Hudson Street.
Seventh Day Adventist Church
210 North Middletown Road
Pearl River, NY 10965


1931, began meeting in Spring Valley.

Moved to St. Paul’s Episcopal Parish Hall, Spring Valley until 1952.

The to Spring Valley Congregational Church.

1955, first services in new church in Pearl River. (11).

Spring Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church
Paikin Street
Pomona, NY 10970




Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian-Universalist Churches

The Universalist Church of Nyack 1853, services in Van Houten’s Mill, Orangeville.

1859, used private houses.

1868, met in the wigwam.

1871, first services, church on Broadway.

after 1883, no pastor. (1), (18).

Orangeville Universalist Church (Nauraushaun) "First Universalist Society of Orangetown, Rockland County".

1853, first services at Van Houten’s Mills, Orangeville.

1856, wooden church built, on land donated by Tunis D. Cooper, on the south bank of the Nauraushaun Creek facing Orangeburg Road.

1900, dissolved. Church was leased to Greenbush Presbyterian Church for Sunday School.

1927, Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church founded in same building. (1), (11), (18).

First Unitarian Society of Rockland County
Conklin Road
Pomona, NY 10970




United Churches of Christ (Congregationalist)

Congregational Church
Monsey, NY
Est. 1869.

In old True Reformed Church, 1/3 mile north of Monsey. Now only graveyard remains.

The church was purchased by S. D. Haring who moved it into town and re-furbished it.

1871, property purchased by Congregationalists. (1), (18).

First Congregational Church
131 Pascack Road
Park Ridge, NJ


United Church of Spring Valley
East Church Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


First Congregational Church of Spring Valley

Org. 1886.

1890, church dedicated.

Congregational Church
Tallman, NY
Est. 1874, from Sunday School started in 1870, in DeBaun Hall.

1874, after building was begun as a Lutheran church, circumstances caused it to be finished and dedicated as a Congregational Church.

Hudson River Congregational Assoc. (1), (18).


United Methodist Churches

The Methodist Episcopal Church at Caldwell’s Point 1883, small chapel erected. Episcopal chapel next door. A circuit church supplied with Johnsontown and Doodletown.
Camp Hill 1840, minister appointed in Nyack circuit.

(between Mt Ivy and Ladentown.)

Congers United Methodist Church
Congers-Lake Road
Congers, NY 10920
1819, land deed by Abram Snedeker to be used for church purposes.

1831, building originally owned by First Presbyterian Church, built by former members of the Dutch Reformed Church. When it defaulted on mortgage, (1874) it was bought by Clarence, a son of A. B. Conger and given to the Methodist Church, with the provision that it always remain so. (H28)

Doodletown Methodist Church Begun as a Methodist Church, at Jones Point, moved to Doodletown in 1851.

1851, small building erected on old Caldwell Turnpike, for woodcutters.

Methodist services conducted by circuit riders from Jones Point and Johnsontown.

1889, new church erected on Caleb June’s land.

Methodist services continued until 1947, when PIP took property.

1960s, became a Community Church, congregation became Pentecostal.

1965, church razed, congregation purchased stone Episcopal Church (the House of Prayer), Jones Point.

The Methodist Episcopal Church at Garnerville 1872, society org at schoolhouse at Mead’s Corners.

1872, cornerstone laid, completed 1873, on Church Street.

1956, first service in new church on Wall Street.(10), (18).

The Methodist Protestant Church at Haverstraw 1831, Formed by seceeders from the Methodist Episcopal Society at Haverstraw, and called Associated Methodist Church.

1831, church erected on lot obtained from Samson Marks and wife.

1867, building and lot sold to German Evangelical Church. (18)

United Methodist Church of the Resurrection
22 4th Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927


Society first organized 1799, as First Methodist Episcopal Church; first church, on Bergen Circuit.

Met in house of Peter DeNoyelles.

1805, land given by George Smith, and church built.

ca. 1811, first church built.

[1831, secession of Protestant Methodist Church (Methodist Protestant Society).

1847, Erected church on corner of Middle and Third Streets (Town lot 6.) 1867, sold to German Lutherans (German Evangelical Church)].

1840, old church sold for use as a barn, new church, Fourth Street, opposite City Hall, enlarged 1857, main church destroyed by fire, 1963.

1964, re-built as smaller church.

Presently (1976) services in English and Spanish. (1), (10), (18), (H20), (R21), (H23).


Johnsontown Methodist Church


1843, land given by David Johnson.

Church lost in 1930s, when PIP leveled it and created Lake Sebago.

Graveyard nearby. (13), (14).

The Methodist Episcopal Church at Middletown 1865, church society organized.

Used building of Independent Baptist Church Society.

1866, after losing lease, meetings held in barn.

1866, leased Old Baptist Church building, then bought it (1867). (18)

Monsey Methodist Church Est. 1871, as Methodist Episcopal Church, by members of the Spring Valley ME Church and Mechanicsville.

Met in houses, then built a room in the loft of blacksmith shop.

1873, church completed on land donated by H. P. Dexter and wife.

At first, associated with Suffern ME Church.

(1), (18).

Mountville Methodist Episcopal Church Church built by John Beverige on his land and given to Presbyterians. When given to local mountain residents, they converted it to a Methodist Church. Used supply minister from Johnsotown and Caldwell Point Societies. (18).
New City United Methodist Church
76 Congers Road
New City, NY 10956


1828, foundation of first Methodist Society, at New City home of Isaac Jones.

1833, met in rented building.

1835-6, first building, St. John’s Church, off New Hempstead Road, at or near Phillips Hill Road. (1), (H14).

1857, connected with Mechanicsville charge.

1848, purchased property, from Abraham Hogencamp, second church built ca. 1849, , St. John’s Church, Main Street, New City,

1850, destroyed by fire.

sold 1906.

1868, land on Maple Avenue, New City, sold by Charles A. Root and wife, for third church, dedicated 1898, (later Alliance Church)

property purchased for fourth church, built 1964-5, Congers Road. (H14), (H25), (H26), (R15), (R22), (R23).

Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church
South Mountain Road
New City, NY


close to Stagg’s Corner,

South Mountain Road.

Established 1866, and church built on land deeded by John S. Trumper and William Hamilton Tremper and their wives.

Served by New City ministers.

Older than New City congregation.

Closed. (R15), (R22).

First Methodist Episcopal Church at Nyack 1806, first meetings in schoolhouse, built on a lot donated by Abraham and Rebecca Lydecker, next to the Presbyterian Church.

1813, organized, church built, by dissidents from Clarkstown DRC who were refused a DRC church in Nyack, land and stone donated by William Palmer. This is "The Old Stone Church", Upper Nyack, which was always supplied by circuit riders.

1870, church refurbished.

Second Methodist Episcopal Church
St. Paul’s Church

Nyack, NY
They consider themselves descended from The First M. E. Church.

1843, members from first church who wanted a new church built a wood frame church. A few years later, additions were made.

[1842, The Second M. E. Church was formed. Nyack residents first met in building on Main Street, just off Broadway. Church built on Piermont Avenue near foot of Remsen Street. Completed, 1844. Group split form orig church. 1870, church refurbished. 1877, lot purchased on Broadway, S of Universalist church.

Construction began, but stopped. Financial pressures caused dissolution of the Society.

1877, re-organized as St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

1890, site purchased at South Broadway and Division Avenue and a chapel built, 1892.

1910, cornerstone laid for new, expanded church, dedicated 1911.] (18), (H27).

Re-formed as St. Paul’s Society and continued in wooden church. (18), (H27).

Palisades Methodist Episcopal Church 1820, First services held at house of Moses Taylor.

1832, church dedicated, just North of the "Big House", became a house, property of the Palisades Church.

1859, new church, later (1884) store and post office, currently (1998) an Antique store. (1), (4), (18), (R27).

Palisades Reformed Methodist Church Reformed Methodists - Palisades

1830’s, supported by Nicholas Gesner.

Meetings held in private houses in Piermont and Sparkill.

Gesner Hall, a small steepless church was later built, near the present Post Office. (4)

Pearl River United Methodist Church
130 Franklin Avenue
Pearl River, NY 10965


Methodist Episcopal Church, Middletown

"First Methodist Episcopal Society of Middletown".

org. 1865.

1866, Rented Independent Baptist Church for services, Old Middletown Road to east of cemetery.

Bought in 1867, torn down, 1894, house built on site.

1893, Pearl River Methodist Episcopal Church.

1984, church on Franklin Avenue and John Street, on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. George W. Braunsdorf. (1), (3), (11).

Piermont Methodist Church < 1810, first services.

1853, rented facilities at Odd Fellows Hall

minister from Rockland Lake.

Methodist Episcopal Sunday Association.

1854, Property purchased from Charles Tallman, church built, on Piermont Ave.

1857, church dedicated.

Church faltered when RR shops closed, closed in 1954. Later destroyed by fire. (H33).

Ladentown United Methodist Church
Old Route 202
Pomona, NY 10970


1825, meetings held by circuit riders.

Est. 1865, as Methodist Episcopal Church.

1865, church built on land from John Secor.

(1), (17).

Rockland Lake Methodist Episcopal Church
Rockland Lake, NY
Pond Methodist Episcopal Church

Rockland Lake, NY

1835, church built on property deeded by Benedict Wells.

ca. 1860, new church built.

Church dissolved after decline of ice industry. (1), (18), (R12), (R13), (R24), (R25), (R26).

Wesley Chapel
Sherwoodville, NY
Wesley Chapel (Methodist Episcopal)

Sherwoodville, NY

1805, First preaching by Rev Freeborn Garretson, presiding elder, in houses.

1813, stone house of Rev James Sherwood used..

Est. 1829, first Methodist group in Rockland County. Chapel built, 1829, on land given by Rev James Sherwood. (H18)

Church Cemetery (1)

A new church was built at Mechanicsville (Viola), about 1855, but the old one was kept. (1), (18), (H24).

Sloatsburg United Methodist Church
Sloatsburg, NY

1802, Circuit riders held services in homes. and in stone schoolhouse, on Orange Turnpike.

1837, Jacob Sloat gave property for a church, org in schoolhouse at Ramapo Works.

1843, church completed and dedicated. 1886, new church on land purchased from Henry Sloat, in 1864. (6), (18).

1955, church built on Lincoln Street by former pastor of Johnsontown Methodist (Austin W. Conklin). Church closed after he became ill. He had kept the church records in his attic, and the trunks were sold at auction after his death, and have not been found. (1), (14), (R14).

Sloatsburg United Methodist Church
Sloatsburg, NY
Not associated with the Johnsontown Church. NY Conference. (14).
St Paul’s United Methodist Church
South Broadway
South Nyack, NY 10960


First opened 1813.

1843, Second church built, as Second Methodist Episcopal Church, Piermont Avenue, foot of Remsen Street. Parsonage on Broadway. (1), (H14).

Southfields United Methodist Church 1848, land donated, simple white frame church built.

Lost 19th Century records found in the Sloatsburg United Methodist Church.

The Sloatsburg minister rode the circuit which included Southfields and Sterling.

United Methodist Church of Spring Valley
25 Madison Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1840, minister appointed at Dutch Factory.

1853, first services by visiting minister from New City, in Union Sunday School Building.

Est. 1859, as Methodist Episcopal Church.

1859, cornerstone laid, church completed 1860.

At first connected with Mechanicsville, separated 1861. (1)

1868, legally incorporated.

1872, cornerstone of new church laid, completed, 1880. (11), (18).

First United Methodist Church
230 West Main Street
Stony Point, NY 10980


Outgrowth of Haverstraw Methodist Church of 1799.

1804, services in private houses, separate from Haverstraw, at home of Daniel Phillips.

1807, org St. George’s Methodist Episcopal Church of North Haverstraw (1865, became Stony Point after town incorporated).

1834, Methodist Episcopal Church at Stony Point built and dedicated, on land donated by Matthew Gurnee and his wife.

[The Methodist Protestant Church

Stony Point (Tomkins Cove).

The Tomkins Cove Methodist Protestant Church.]

1841, first regular pastor, previously on circuit.

Org. 1843.

1882, church entirely re-built.

1889, became First M. E. Church

1940, First Methodist Church. (H22).

[1854, church dedicated, on land given by Calvin Tomkins and Company, on Church Street.]

1973, Moved to Route 9W. (R16), (R19).

Trinity United Methodist Church
47 Main Street
Stony Point, NY 10980


The early history is the same as that for The First United Methodist Church.

Stony Point Methodist Episcopal Church

Stony Point

The Creek Church, intersection of Reservoir Road and West Main Street.

1804, first circuit preachers.

1829, removed from DeNoyelle’s barn to church in Village of Warren, Town of Haverstraw, oldest church in Stony Point.

1799, known as St George’s Church of North Haverstraw, then St George’s Methodist Episcopal, finally First Methodist Church. (R20).

1834, new, larger church, on land given by Matthew and Adele Gurnee.

1882, church completely re-built.

Graveyard near church. (1), (13).

Trinity Methodist Church

Hudson and Main Streets

Stony Point, NY

1884, first church was present parsonage.

1889, church completed. (13).

Suffern United Methodist Church
18 Parkside Drive
Suffern, NY 10901



Est. 1867, as Methodist Episcopal Church, as a branch of the Mechanicsville (Viola) Church. Services held in houses, then the old schoolhouse.

1870, church dedicated, associated with Mechanicsville, then Monsey, Wesley Chapel and Ladentown, before existing on it’s own. (1), (18).

Tappan Methodist Episcopal Church 1854, first services supported by Piermont.

1856, bought church building (built 1826) of True Reformed Church Society.

Building purchased by the German Methodist Episcopal Society.

German Methodist Episcopal Church

Tappan, NY.

1866, incorporated.

Purchased the above church building.

Thiells Methodist Church
Rosman Road
Thiells, NY 10984


1784, mission to the Minneceongo Indians formed.

1830’s, chapel built on land donated by John Thiell

1850’s, addition to original chapel built.

Pulpit supplied by Stony Point, known as North Haverstraw Church.

1855, inc as Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church in West Haverstraw, NY.

1872, union dissolved and the church, then known as West haverstraw Church joined with Garnerville. (18).

1900’s, known as Thiells.

1973 fire destroyed sanctuary.

1975, new church, (H19).

The Methodist Protestant Church at Tomkins Cove 1841, services held in building furnished by Lime Co.

1853, land given by Calvin Tomkins & Co., and church erected through his support.

1854, church dedicated.

The "Old Stone Church"
Upper Nyack, NY
1813, Land deeded by William Palmer.

1814, dedicated,

Methodist Episcopal Church.

Still standing (1998). (15).

Viola United Methodist Church
Viola Road
Suffern, NY 10901


Est. 1855/6, out of Wesley Chapel.

(Mechanicsville church).

1856, church dedicated. (1), (18).



Other Denominations

Rock of Salvation Christian Church
24 New Main Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927


Redeeming Love Christian Center
145 West Route 59
Nanuet, NY 10954


Church of Religious Science
523 Route 303
Orangeburg, NY 10962


Wayside Chapel and Sabbath School of South Nyack Piermont Avenue, 1 mi south of Nyack.

1860, org of Sunday School.

1867, stone building, ded. 1869. (1).

Tomkins Memorial Protestant Church
Route 9W
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986


The West Nyack Chapel 1878, dedicated small wooden structure.

Multidenominational. (1)



Mosque of the Jerrahi Order
884 Chestnut Ridge Road
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977


Masjid Darul Ehsan
6 Suffern Place
Suffern, NY 10901





Note: The many Hassidic Synagogues of Monsey and New Square are not included in this list. They are of fairly recent origins and are likely to be of less interest to genealogists, in general, as their congregations form a close-knit, religious and social group. Their addresses and telephone numbers may be found in the Rockland County Yellow pages. (See H31.).
Congregation Sons of Jacob
37 Clove Avenue
Haverstraw, NY 10927


ca. 1830’s, Goldsmith family was first to arrive in Rockland Co and settle.

Services in private homes before Civil War.

1877, Simon Building.

1889, Temple on Cove Avenue

1966, temple destroyed by fire.

1968, new temple dedicated.

Oldest Congregation in Rockland Co. (H31)

B’Nai Israel
Letchworth Village
1965, held services in gymnasium of Letchworth Village.

1973, synagogue completed.

Also used by North Rockland Jewish Center (which dissolved in 1981). (H31).

Community Synagogue of Monsey
89 West Maple Avenue
Monsey, NY 10952


1952, established on Cloverdale Avenue.

1960’s, expanded. (H31).


Monsey Jewish Center, Inc.
201 Rt 306
Monsey, NY 10952


1965, established, first met in building on old Harriman Farm.

ca. 1968, built synagogue across the street. (H31).

Young Israel of Monsey
58 Parker Blvd
Monsey, NY 10952


Nanuet Hebrew Center
34 South Middletown Road
Nanuet, NY 10954


(moved to Middletown Road, New City)

1941, first services in Nanuet, in garage on Stark property.

1947, purchased land across from Nanuet Mall, on Middletown Road. (H31).

Cornerstone, 1961.

1998, Building torn down for shopping center.

moved to New City. (2)

Beth Am Messiah
53 Maple Avenue
New City, NY 10956


New City Jewish Center
43 Old Schoolhouse Road
New City, NY 10956


1958, established.

First met in New City Fire Hall, then in Kelleher house on Old Schoolhouse Road.

1965, built modern synagogue.

Temple Beth Shalom
New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956
First worshiped at Camp Jawonio and the New City Methodist Church.

Purchased Loveland House.

1972, built temple next door.

West Clarkstown Jewish Center
195 West Clarkstown Road
New City, NY 10956


late 1940’s, established as Congregation Chevra Agrudas Achim.

Meets in formr casino of Sunrise Bungalow Colony.

1982, new addition. (H31)

Temple Beth Torah
330 North Highland Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960


1882, first Jewish services in Nyack, in rented rooms. (18).

1965, formed by 13 families from Congregation Sons of Israel.

1966, built temple on Rt 9W.

Reformed Synagogue.

1982, Temple enlarged. (H31), (H32).


Congregation Sons of Israel
300 North Broadway
Upper Nyack, NY
Spring, 1870, Jewish Society established in Abraham Brown’s Tailor shop on Main St.

Aug 22, 1891, inc. as Congregation of Nyack, B’Nai Israel.

1907, leased second floor of building at Broadway and Main.

1925, as Congregation Sons of Israel, first synagogue, South Broadway and Hudson St.

(1955, Reform)

1964, bought old Lott property (3.5 acres) at 300 North Broadway. Sold old synagogue property to Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church; May 1965, reaffiliated with United Synagogue of America

Dec 1965, moved into renovated carriage house.

Sep 1967, first service in new sanctuary.

(Conservative). (H31), (H32) .

Orangetown Jewish Center
Independence Avenue
Orangeburg, NY 10962



1959, began meetings

acquired a Quonset hut at Camp Shanks.

1963, present synagogue site. (5)


Orthodox Jewish Center of Orangetown
Mary Francis Street
Orangeburg, NY
1981, founded.

In private home. (H31).

(see below).

Shaarei Torah
14 Edgewood Drive
Orangeburg, NY 10962

1981, formed

bought present house, 1984. (5)

Beth Am Temple
60 Madison Avenue
Pearl River, NY 10965


Reform Congregation

1963, first met in American Legion Hall

rented old Nauraushaun Presbyterian church.

1968, first services in new home.

1980, new sanctuary. (H31).

Pomona Jewish Center
104 Pomona Road
Pomona, NY 10970


1967, established.

1968, synagogue completed.

Pomona Road, opp. Pomona JHS.

Conservative. (H31).

Congregation Sons of Israel
Spring Valley, NY.
1899, synagogue dedicated, first in Spring Valley, as Farmer’s Synangogue.

1922, larger synagogue, purchased from Methodist Church, Metropolitan Avenue (now Memorial Park Drive). (12), (H31)

Orthodx shul, util destroyed by fire (1970’s).

New synagogue, Williams Ave, Hillcrest.

Jewish Community Center
246 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1923, organized at home of Harry Herzog, outgrowth of Congregation Sons of Israel.

Congregation Sons of Zion

1928, dedicated synagogue in large home on North Main Street.

Moved to Punch Estate, 250 North Main Street, Hillcrest.

late 1950’s, synagogue completed. (12) (H31).

Temple Beth El
415 Viola Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1947, founded, met in Finkelstein Memorial Library, services held in Odd Fellows Hall, North Madison Avenue.

1951, built synagogue on Jackson Ave (now North Madison Ave.).

Built on site of old Fairview Hotel.

1956, purchased fromer Epstein Hotel, Viola Road, and built present temple.

Largest synagogue in Rockland Co. (H31)

Young Israel of Spring Valley
23 North Union Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977


1948, founded, met in various locations.

1960, built temple on Union Road. (H31).

Young Israel of Clarkstown
Ellen Street
Spring Valley, NY
1981, established.

meets in home of rabbi. (H31).

Ramat Shalom
Lomond Avenue
Spring Valley, NY
1972, organized.

Synagogue is converted high ranch.

Not associated with orthodox, conservative or reform.

Sharey Tfiloh
South Main Street
Spring Valley, NY
1962, in private home, later purchased adjoining home.


Kehilath Israel
Old Nyack Turnpike
Spring Valley, NY
1930, organized.


Carlton Mikvah Congregation
89 West Carlton Road
Suffern, NY 10901


Congregation Sons of Israel
36 Montebello Road
Suffern, NY 10901


1886, first Jewish family in Suffern.

1916, established the Hebrew Benevolent Society.

1919, changed name to Congragation Sons of Israel, purchased lot on Suffern Place and began to build.

1920, first services.

Reform Temple of Suffern
70 Haverstraw Road
Suffern, NY 10901


1971, met in private homes.

held services in Suffern presbyterin Church, and at Temple Beth El, Spring Valley.

Meets in converted private house on Rt 202.


Congregation Sons of Israel
300 North Broadway
Upper Nyack, NY 10960


(see Nyack)

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Church WebSites and Archive Information

For information on the records of the United Methodist Church, at Drew University, Madison, NJ, see their WebPage <>

Collegiate Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, NYC - see <>.

The Tappan Reformed Church, see:
  The Reformed Church of America, see:

The Regional Synod of New York (151 congregations)
42 North Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591

The Archives of the Reformed Dutch Church in America are maintained at the original Dutch Seminary, founded as part of Queens College, in 1766 (now Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey). They can be reached at:

Reformed Dutch Church in America
21 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Kirkham, E. Kay: A Survey of American Church Records, Everton Publishers, Logan, UT, 1978.

Mead, Frank S.: Handbook of Denominations, Arlington Press, New York, NY, 1965.

Humling, Virginia: US Catholic Sources, A Diocean Research Guide, Ancestry, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1975. (Note: Roman Catholic Church Records are kept by the local parishes. Rockland County is part of the Archdiocese of New York.) [NCL RR 026.28273 HUM]

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