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Family Genealogies
in the New City Library

Revised 2 February 2006

The new City Library has an extensive collection of genealogies of Rockland County and area families.  The listing below is alphabetical by author, the format used by the library in its indexing.  To rapidly find a particular family, use the Find Function [CTR F] followed by the name.  If multiple spellings are possible, then each will have to be searched (searching for partial names can also be useful, e.g. “CTRL F” “Bog” will find BOGART, BOGARD, BOGAERT and BOGARDUS.

Ackerman, Herbert S., Five BOGERT Families, Vol 1, Vol 2, Ridgewood, NJ, (Manuscript), 1950 [929.2 ACK]

Ackerman, Herbert S.: The HARING Family Descendants of Jan Pieter Haring 1633-1683, Bergen County Historical Society, 1952.  [929.2AK] NEW

Ackerman, Herbert Stewart, The TERHUNE Family, Ridgewood, NJ, (Manuscript), 1946 [979.2 ACK]

Ackerman, Herbert S.: The VAN HOUTEN Family, Bergen County Historical Society, 1945.  [929.2 AK] NEW

Aderman, Alice R.: A Genealogy of the IRVINGS of New York, Washington Irving, His Brothers and Sisters, and Their Descendants, (Self Published), 1981.  [969.2 ADE]

Babb, Thomas Earle: The BABB Genealogy, Holden, MA, (Manuscript), 1930.  [929.2 BAB]

Babcock, Stephen: BABCOCK Genealogy, Eaton and Mains, NY 1903.  [929.2 BAB]

Babcock, A. Emerson: Isaiah BABCOCK, Sr. and His Descendants, Eaton and Mains, NY, 1903.  [929.2 BAB]

Banta, Elsa M.: BANTA Pioneers and Records of The Wives and Allied Families (Self Published), 1983.  [929.2 BAN]

Barlow, George: Family Genealogy Comprising the Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan BARLOW and Plain ROGERS, of Delaware County, NY, (Self Published), Brooklyn, 1891.  [929.2 BAR]

Bartell, J. Gardner: Robert COE, Puritan His Ancestors and Descendants, 1340-1910, 1911.  [929.2 BA]

Bauman, Patricia A.: History of the COQUILETTE Family in America, Third Edition, Self published, 66 Bear Hill Road, Patterson, NY 12563, 2005.  [929.2 BAU]

Bedson, Edythe M.: Who Was Jan THOMASZEN?, The Association of Ackerson/Eckerson Descendants, January 1981.  [929.2 BED]

Bedson, Edythe M.: The ACKERSON/ECKERSON Family, The First Five Generations, The Association of Ackerson/Eckerson Descendants, Lawrenceville, NJ 1982, (printed by Sprint Print).  [929.2 BED]

Bell, Charles B.: Genealogy of the BELL Family, manuscript, part I & Part II, 1928.  [929.2 BE]

Benson, Richard H.: The Barent Jacobsen COOL Family, Newbury Street Press, Boston, 2001.  [929.2 BE]

Bergen, Teunis G.: Genealogy of the VAN BRUNT Family, 1653-1867, Joel Munsell, Albany, NY 1867.  (Reprinted by Bergen Historic Books and Higginson Book Company).  [929.2 BER]

Bertholf, Commodore Ellsworth Price: Gnealogy of the BERTHOLF Family in Holland and America, (Manuscript) New York, 1899-1921.  [929.2 BER]

Blauvelt, Louis L.: The BLAUVELT Family Genealogy, A Comprehensive Compilation of the Descendants of Gerrit Hendricksen (Blauvelt) (1620-1687) Who Came to America in 1638, The Association of Blauvelt Descendants, 1957.  [LC 56-10936]  [929.2 BLA]

Blauvelt, Effie M.: Genealogy of the BLAUVELT Family, and The GRUMAN Family, (Manuscript) Prepared by the Staff of The New City Library, 1983.  [929.2 BLA]

Bogardus, William Brower: Dear "Cousin", A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans  BOGARDUS (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation, Penobscott Press, 1996.  [929.2 BOG]

Bogart, John, Albert: The BOGART Family, Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants, (Privately Printed, by The Haddon Craftsmen, Inc., Scranton, PA), 1959.  [929.2 BOG]

Brandow, James C., Compiler, Genealogy of BARBADOS FAMILIES from Caribbeana and the Journal of Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1983 [929.2 BRA]

Brower, Alfred H., The BROUWER or BROWER Genealogy, (Manuscript), 1985. [929.2 BRO]

Budke, George H.: Notes on the STEPHENS Family of Rockland Co, NY and Bergen Co, NJ, (Manuscript), 1914.  [BC 929.2 BUD]

Budke, George H.: Genealogical Notebook, No. II, The BLAUVELT Family (BC 59), (Manuscript), New York, 1933.  [BC 929.2 BUD]

Budke, George H.: Genealogy of the SMIDT, or SMITH Family, Descended from Adriaen LAMBERTSEN (SMIDT) of Tielderweert in the Netherlands Who Immigrated to America in 1663, (BC-46a) (Manuscript, original in New York Public Library), 1912.  [BC 929.2 BUD]

Byram, John Arnold, BYRAMS in America, Gateway Press, Inc, Baltimore, MD, 2 Ed, 1996. [929.2 BYR]

Call, Simeon T.: Genealogical History of the CALL Family in the United States, 1908.  [929.2 CAL]

Clute, J. J.: Old Families of Staten Island, Clearfield Press, 1990.  [929.2 CLU]

Cobsen: COOL Family, Newbury Street Press, Boston, 2001

Colcock, Charles J.: The Family of HAY, A History of the Progenitors and Some South Carolina Descendants of Col. Ann Hawkes Hay, with Collateral Genealogies, A.D. 500-1908, Pelican Publishing Co, New Orleans, (Reprinted 1959).  [929.2 COL]

Cole, David, Rev.: Isaac KOOL (COOL or COLE) and Catharine SERVEN, John H. Trow and Son, Printers, New York, 1876.  [929.2 COL]

Conklin, Kenneth: Genealogy of the CONKLIN Family, (Manuscript and Notes), Suffern, NY, 1983.  [929.2 CON]

Coquillette, B. F.: History of the COQUILLET Family, Reprinted - Keyport Enterprise Co, Keyport, NJ 1929.  [929.2 COQ]

Dahl, Barbara and Ostrander, Emmett, Ostrander Family Vital Records, Ostrander Family Association, Anundsen Publishing Co, Decorah, IO, 1989.  [LC 89-80547]  [929.2 DAH]

Delafield, John Ross: The Van BRUGH Family, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. LXVI, No. 1, pg. 2 ff., New York, January 1935.  [929.2 GAT]

de la Ree, Gerry: The STORMS of Pascack, (Self Published), Saddle River, 1992.  [929.2 DEL]

Demarest Family Association, The DEMAREST Family, Demarest Family Association, Hackensack, NJ, 1964, (Vol 1, Vol 2, Supplement).  [LC 64-22295]  [929.2 DEM]

DeNoyelles, Daniel: DeNOYELLES: Birth of an American Family, Charles F. Decker, Publisher, Inc., Newburgh, NY, 1971.  [929.2 DEN]

Downard, Sherry Koshney: WANNAMAKER & Allied Families, Book 1 & Book 2, Manuscript, 2001.  [929.2 DOW]

DuBois, Mrs. Howard G.: LUTKINS Family Records of Bergen County New Jersey, (Manuscript), David Demarets Chapter, River Edge, NJ 1954.  [929.2 DUB]

Durie, Howard I.: The DURIE Family, Jean DURIER of the Huguenot Colony in Bergen County, New Jersey and Some of His DUREE, DuREE, DURIE, DuRIE and DURYEA Descendants, (Self Published), Pomona, NY, 1985.  [929.2 DUR]

Earle, Rev Isaac Nwton: History and Genealogy of the EARLES of Secaucus, with an Account of the English and American Branches, Guelff Printing Co., Marquette, M I, 1951.  [929.2 EAR]

Eldred, Richard Orvis, and Popielarz, Iona Irene: The CONKLIN Family, Nicholas Conklin of Cochecton, New York, and His Descendants, Gateway Press, Baltomore, MD, 1991.  [929.2 ELD]

Elston, James Strode: The TICE Families in America, THEIS, THYSSEN, TYSSEN, DEIS, The Tuttle Publishing Co, Inc., Rutland, VT, 1947.  [929.2 ELS]

Ferris, Morris P.: NOTES On the MESSENGER and HENDRICKSON Families and Descendants of John S. MESSENGER and of Abraham H. HENDRICKSON and Elizabeth LUDLAM, (Self Published), New York.  [929.2 FER]

Fulmor, William, and Hurst, Phyllis J.: The Family of George FULMORE in Montgomery, Philadelphia and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania, (Self Published), 1979.  [929.2 FUL]

Fulmor, William and Fulmor, Katharine M. Babcock: Some Ancestors and Descendnts of Col. Harry BABCOCK, Part I, A BABCOCK Chronicle, 1642-1982, (Self Published), CT, 1983.  [929.2 FUL]

Gates, Mary B.: DEBAUN Family in America, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, January 1935, New York City.  [929.2 GAT]

Goodwill, Anne, Smith, Jean M., Editors: The BRODHEAD Family, The Story of Captain Daniel Brodhead, His Wife Ann Tye and Their Descendants, Vols 1, 2, 3 and 4, Brodhead Family Association, Port Ewen, NY 12466, 1986.  [929.2 BRO]

Gordon, William Seton: Gabriel LUDLOW (1663-1736) and His Descendants, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 50, No. 1, January 1919, (BC-53).  [929.2 GOR]

Greenberg, Henry J.: Nicholas CONCKLIN, (Manuscript), 1987.  [929.2 GRE]

Gurney, Francis Winborn: The GURNEE-GURNEA Family of New York and New Jersey, Descendants of Isaac GARNIER, Huguenot Settler from Isle of Re, France to New York City before 1692, (Manuscript), Violet, LA, 1980.  [929.2 GUR]

Haring, The HARING Family Notebook, (Manuscript, copied 1969).  [929.2 HAR]

Haskell, Noel, The MANN Family, ca. 1700-1960, (Manuscript) computerized by Marie S. Koestler, Genealogical Society of Rockland County, NY 1995.  [929.2 HAS]

Hawkins, Ralph Clymer: A HAWKINS Genealogy, 1635-1939, Records and Descendants of Robert Hawkins of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1939.  [929.2 HA]

Heidgerd, William, II: The HEIDGERD Family of Monsey, New York, (Manuscript), 1971 (updated 1982).  [929.2 HEI]

Heidegerd, William: Remembrances, (Manuscript), New Paltz, NY 1997.  [929.2 HEI]

Heidegerd, William: The GOETSCHIUS Family in America, (Manuscript and reprint), New Paltz, NY, 1984. (Books # 1, #2, #3).  [929.2 HEI]

Heidgerd, Ruth P.: The SCHOONMAKER Family in America, Descendants of Hendrick Jochemsz SCHOONMAKER, 1624-1683, Parts ONE - NINE, pub Schoonmaker Family Association, Huguenot Historical Society, New Palz, NY, 1974.  [929.2 SCH]

Hopper, Maria Jean Pratt: The HOPPER Family Genealogy - Descendants of Andries Willemszen Hoppe(n) of New Amsterdam, 1651-1658, The First Six Generations, self published, Mrs. Maria Hopper, 81 Magnolia Ave, Montvale, NJ  07645, 2005.  [929.2 HOP]

Horak, Jane: The Ten EYCK Genealogy: A Collection of Articles About the Ten EYCK Family from Various Publications, (Looseleaf) New City Library, 1990.  [929.2 HOR]

Juhl, Peter B.: The MAGUIR and BOWE Families of the Hudson Valley, (self published), 2003.  [929.2 JUH]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Olga PETERSON, Part I - The PETERSON Family; Part II - The JOHNSON Family; Part III - The KENNEY Family, (Manuscript), 1993.  [929.2 KAU]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Percy Williamson HART, Part I, The HART Family, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997.  [929.20973 KAU]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Percy Williamson HART, Part IV, The SMITH Family, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997.  [929.20973 KAU]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Percy Williamson HART, Part II, The WILLIAMSON Family, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997.  [929.20973 KAU]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Percy Williamson HART, Part III, The GEDNEY Family, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997.  [929.20973 KAU]

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Family of Muriel Olga PETERSON, Part IV, The BRODHEAD Family, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997.  [929.20973 KAU

Kaucher, Mary A.: The Families of Muriel Olga PETERSON and Percy Williamson HART, Part V, (Manuscript), Baldwin, NY, 1997. [929.20973] KAU

Kelly, Michael Thomas: The KELLYS of Askeaton, Jul 1996, self published.  [929.9 KEL]

Klein, William G.: The ALLISON and WALDRON Families of Rockland County; 1. The Ancestry of Hannah Waldron; 2. The Ancestry of Elizabeth Waldron; 3. The Waldron Ancestry of Theodore Roosevelt, arranged by the New City Library, Oct 2003.  [929.2 KLE]

Klein, William G.: Notes on the GURNEE Family, Volume I, Descendants of Isaac Garnier, Huguenot Emigre from France and Ancestor of the Gurnee Family of New York, self published, 1996.  [929.2 KLE]

Klein, William G.: Notes on the GURNEE Family, Volume II, Baptisms, Marriages and Tombstone Inscriptions, Material Compiled by George H. Budke and Gertrude A. Barber, self published, 1996.  [929.2 KLE]

Klein, William G.: Notes on the GURNEE Family, Volume III, Names Abstracted from the Federal Census Records, 1790-1860, Listings of Persons with the Name Gurnee (Gurney) in Various New York City Directories, self published, 1996.  [929.2 KLE]

Klein, William G.: Notes Relating to the BABCOCK Family of Rockland County, New York, self published, 2003.  [929.2 KLE]

Klein, William G.: Notes on Anneke Jans BOGARDUS, self published, 2000.  [929.2 KLE]

Knapp, Alfred Averill: Nicholas KNAPP Genealogy, (Vol 1, Vol2, Supplement), Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, 1953.  [929.2 KNA]

Kolenut, Ethel Konight: The ACKERSON/ECKERSON Family in America, The Association of Ackerson/Eckerson Descendants, Inc., 1991.  [LC 91-72613]  [929.2 KOL]

Kral, Jerry: The ESLER Family, (Manuscript), Sloatsburg, NY, 1995.  [929.2 KRA]

Kral, Jerry: The SLOAT Family, (Manuscript), Sloatsburg, NY, 1995.  [929.2 KRA]

Kral, Jeremy, Kral, Kenneth: The Three BUSH Families of Ramapo, self published, 2000.  [929.2 KRA]

Kral, Jeremy: The HEMION Family, (Manuscript), Sloatsburg, NY, 1991.  [929.2 KRA]

Kral, Kenneth: The Family of John SUFFERN and Their Descendants, (Manuscript), Suffern, NY, 1983.  [929.2 KRA]

Kuykendall, Eugene Lee: Our Dutch Heritage: The Theodore P. KUYKENDALL Family, (Self Published), New City, NY, 1984.  [929.2 KUY]

Lamberton, Karen: GSRC, Index to the Van Houten Collection located at the Historical Society of Rockland County, New City, New York, Sep 2000.  [929.2 IND]

Lent, Nelson Burton: History of the LENT (Van LENT) Family in the United States, Genealogical and Biographical, From The Time They Left their Native Soil in Holland, 1638-1902, Newburgh Journal Printing House and Book-Bindery, Newburgh, NY, 1903.  [929.2 LEN]

Leonard, Maxine Crowell: The CONGER Family of America, Descendants of John BELCONGER 1640 and his six sons: John 1674, Jonathan 1683, Gershom 1685, Joseph 1692, Job 1694, Benjamin 1700, Authors Edition, Vol 1, 1972, Vol 2, 1992, (Printing by Larry and Maxine Leonard, Janesville, IO. [929.2 LEO]

Luke, Lorraine M. T.: Compiler, Donohue, Donald C., Editor, ROOSA Family of North America, Families of Ulster County, Vol. VII Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Ulster County Genealogical Society, 1999 [929.2 LU]

Lydecker, Robert C.: LYDECKER Descendants, Ryck LYDECKER, 1650, (Self Published, Short Hills, NJ, 1987.  [929.2 LYD]

Lydecker, Robert C.: The LYDECKER Family and the American Revolution, (Self Published, Short Hills, NJ, 1987.  [929.2 LYD]

McWhorter, Emma; Booth, Dolly; Seaman, Philip, and other Bull Family members: The History and Genealogy of the William BULL and Sarah WELLS Family of Orange County, New York, The First Six Generations in America and Canada; T. Emmett Henderson, Publisher, The Service Press, Middletown, NY, 1974.  [929.2 McW]

Manning, Mary E. Switzer; Peel, Bruce B.; Switzer, B. Wesley: Tipperarey SWITZERS, The Descendants of John Switzer of the Townland of Newpark, County Tipperary, Ireland, B. Wesley Switzer, 86 Henderson Ave, Brantford, Ontario, N3R 4V9, Canada, 1987.  929.2 MAN]

Maszalec, Edward T.: The CHRISTIE Families of Northern New Jersey, Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 1989.  [929.2 MAS]

Millspaugh, Francis C.: MILLSPAUGH-MILSPAW, (Manuscript), Swampscott, MA, 1969.  [929.2 MIL]

Millspaugh, Francis C., Huff, Ann Millspaugh: MILLSPAUGH-MILSPAW Genealogy, Supplement, (Manuscript), Saunderstown, RI, 1980.  [929.2 MIL]

Mills, George Roland: Family Relationships of the Cornelius MILLS Family of New Jersey, (Self Published), 1992.  [929.2 MIL]

Monks, Mabel Hastings: HASTINGS Family, self published, 1999.  [929.2 MON]

Moos, Dorothy A., The BLAUVELT Family Genealogy, Revised Edition, Vol 1, and Vol 2, The Association of Blauvelt Descendants, 1987, 1994.  [LC 84-70565]  [929.2 MOO]

Mutrie, R. Robert: 6000 New York Ancestors: A Compendium of MABIE Research, Second Avenue Printing Ltd., Ontario, Canada, 1986.  [ISBN 0-99692812-1-8]  [929.2 MUT]

Myers, John C. and Helen A.: Some Relatives of Helen Adams Myers, Including, ADAMS, ALLEN, ARCHER. FUDGE, HUBBARD, NICHOLSON, PURDY, STOKES, TOWNES, And Many Others, self published, Lake Jackson, TX, May 1999.  [929.2 MYE]

Ohliger, Joseph: HOLDSWORTH and OHLIGER Tree of Life, Pine Tree Print Shop, Ellsworth, ME, 1993.  [929.2 OHL]

Onderdonk, Elmer: Genealogy of the ONDERDONK Family in America, (Privately Printed), New York, 1910.  [929.2 OND]

Ostrander, Emmett; Ostrander, Vinton P.; Ostrander, Collin: OSTRANDER, A Genealogical Record 1660 - 1995, Pub by the Ostrander Family Association, Walsworth Publishing Comapany, Marceline, MO, 1999.  [929.2 OSR]

Otis, Marion Wood: Our Family Roots, Branches, Twigs, (Manuscript), 1973. [929.2 OTI] (includes ARIANSEN, SMITH, MINNES, MINELAY, HARING, BOGERT, HOPKINS, TALLMAN, LANE, HEIGHTS, HERRICK, BERTHOLF, VERVEELEN, and WOOD).  [929.2 OTI

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Ryerson, Albert Winslow: The RYERSON Genealogy, Genealogy and History of the Knickerbocker Families of RYERSON, RYERSE, RYERSS; also ADRIANCEand MARTENSE Families;all descendants of Martin and Adriaen REYERSZ (RYERSZEN) of Amsterdam, Holland, (Privately Printed), Chicago, 1916.  [929.2 RYE]

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Ibid, Vol 2, Generations Six and Seven, 1988.  [929.2 TOB]

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Compiled by Robert L. Protzmann.

Updated by JoAnne Potanovic, Karen Lamberton and Robert L. Protzmann, February 2006.

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