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GSRC 2017


Board of Trustees


President Gail Nardozzi
Vice President Joseph Mancini
Secretary Joan Brooks
Treasurer Brian Jennings
Board of Trustees Les Baisley
Marie Koestler
Sandi Miller
Henry Rennie
Tom Riley
Genealogical Research Marie Koestler
Susan Schwinn
Library Marie Koestler, Chairperson
Susan Schwinn
Membership Gail Nardozzi
Mentoring Robert Protzmann, Chairperson
Newsletter Les & Ginny Baisley, Editors
Programs Brian Jennings
Publicity Brian Jennings
Publication and Indexing Les Baisley, Chairperson
Florence Anderson
Joan Brooks
Marie Koestler
Richard Peterson
Michael Secora
Surname Index Editor Gail Nardozzi
Website Bruce A. Hamilton, Webmaster
Ed Rigel, Webmaster
Brian Stanton, Webmaster

The above officers can be reached at, or by postal mail at:

 Genealogical Society of Rockland County
 P.O. Box 444
 New City, NY 10956

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