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All events are free, open to the public, and are held at the New City Library Auditorium, 220 N. Main St., New City, NY 10956, unless otherwise noted.
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24 January 2017
7:00 PM
Topic: In Defiance: Runaways from Slavery in New York's Hudson River Valley, 1735-1831
Speaker: Susan Stessin

Susan Stessin-Cohn of New Paltz  discusses her book
 "In Defiance," recently published by Black Dome Press. Her book contains reprints and transcriptions of more than 550  newspaper notices published between 1735 and 1831, four years after slavery was  abolished in New York State.  This book includes many notices from Rockland County.
28 February 2017
7:00 PM
Topic: Documentary Film: Family Name
What does a name signify, exactly?  Growing up in Durham, North Carolina, white filmmaker Macky Alston never questioned  why all of the other Alstons at his elementary school were black.  Twenty-five years later, Alston decides to unravel this perplexity in the award-winning documentary Family Name.  Alston's quest to solve his genealogical mystery takes him from New York to Alabama and then back to North Carolina.  He seeks clues at family reunions, graveyards, church services, and eventually, the original Alston plantations.  The people he meets vary markedly in race, age, class and perspective, but they all have two things in common-the family name and a compelling story to tell.  Recipient of the Sundance Film Festival Freedom of Expression Award and myriad other accolades,  Family Name is not only a provocative meditation on race in America, but also a poignant portrait of what it is that constitutes 'family'.  (89 minutes)
28 March 2017
7:00 PM
Topic: "A selection of favorite web sites selected by members of the Genealogical Society of Rockland County"

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