After perusing hundreds of postcards, letters, legal papers, and land deeds pertaining to my immediate family, I realized that I was in possession of the signatures of many individuals who are unrelated, yet are integral parts of Rockland County’s history.   Certainly the descendants of these residents would appreciate the availability of their ancestors’ autographs.  After scanning and digitally cleaning all of the signatures to which I had immediate access, I began seeking out other sources including books found in New City Library’s Rockland Room, federal censuses available online, postcards and land deeds being sold on e-Bay, county clerk correspondence available at the Rockland county archives, and marriage records which have been photocopied by the Genealogical Society of Rockland County.  The result is this collection of signatures, which I hope will continue to grow as new sources are found and other genealogy enthusiasts share signatures that are in their possession.     




§         Anderson, George.  Will at the Rockland County Surrogate Court, 1842.

§         Bank check from Rockland County National Bank of Nyack.  December 21, 1866.

§         Civil War Pension Applications of Eliza Conklin, widow of Nicholas Conklin, 1898, 1899.

§         Cole, David.  History of Rockland County, New York.  New York:  J.B. Beers and Company, 1884.

§         Death certificates issued in Rockland County, New York from 1895 to 1918.

§         Doig, Stephen Garrettson.  Will at the Rockland County Surrogate Court, Liber 64/page 511.  May 22, 1951.

§         eBay.  Rockland County postcards and land deeds available at

§         Federal censuses of Rockland County, New York for 1800, 1810,1820,1830,1840,1850,1860,1870,1880,1900,1910,1920 and 1930.

§         Funeral invoices issued in Rockland County, New York.

§         Gurnee, James F. Will at the Rockland County Surrogate Court.  Probated October 5, 1801.

§         History For Sale.  Autographs available at

§         Hopper, Edward.  “LesDeux Pigeons”  Terra Foundation For American Art.  Available at

§         Land deeds of Rockland County, New York from 1840 to 1919.

§         Marriage certificates issued in Rockland County, New York from 1879 to 1930.

§         Naturalization applications submitted in Rockland County, New York in 1856, 1870 and 1895.

§         Petitioning creditors list for Haverstraw and Ramapo, New York residents, circa 1840-1849.

§         Postcards and personal letters received by the Tremper and Zorn families of Rockland County, New York between 1904 and 1920.

§         Riker, James.  Harlem: Its Origin and Early Annals.  New York:  Privately printed, 1881.

§         “Rockland County Archivist Naturalization Database.”  Available at

§         Rockland County Archives.  Notes to the County Clerk of Rockland County, NY.  Provided by Joan Brooks of Stony Point, NY.

§         Rockland County Supreme Court affidavit.  “Catharine Gurnee vs. Edward J. Tremper,” Judgment #4268, Box 27, Folder 2402, Document 16.  August 11, 1886.

§         Tremper, Catherine.  Birth certificate issued in Rockland County, New York in 1911.

§         Tremper, John J.  War of 1812 pension application, 1871.